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Feeling stressed out?
You are not alone.

Most Americans live with stress.
Do worries and anxiety fill your day?  
Do you feel like your mind races
out of control?​

One-third of America lives with what’s defined as “extreme stress”.
But they don’t know how to stop it. 

​Stop letting daily stress cause Tightness, Tension, Anxiety, Worry, and Pain in your body, mind and emotions!

Stop letting stress put yourself at risk and increase the chance of serious health problems.
Don’t just manage stress – Neutralize it!

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What Is Neutralize Stress​™

The Neutralize Stress™ process is a series of guided processes created by Rama Arya that easily, effortlessly and instantly engages Dynamic Neutrality™ which Neutralizes Stress and simultaneously activates Tranquility, Serenity, Clarity, Creativity and Joy in the Body, Mind and Emotions.

Spontaneous & Harmonious Alpha State

In The Neutralize Stress™ process your brain spontaneously moves into the space of natural harmonious Alpha Brain Waves. Studies have shown this state activates the parasympathetic (homeostasis) nervous system which allows the body and mind to release stress, tension, and worries effortlessly.

The Neutralize Stress™ process also activates a natural Relaxed Alertness and engages deeper levels of Inner Serenity, Clarity, Harmony, Creativity and Joy.


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